Family Meetings both for kids and adults – an experience to share

Most of us are busy in our weekly work schedules, office meetings, travelling, business dinners etc.  It is really difficult for us to get some time for our family specially for the kids during week days.  A solution which I found is to have weekly “Family Meetings” to fill this communication gap between me and my family.

There is no age requirement for such meetings.  It mainly requires commitment from the YOU (Head of the Family) to plan and schedule them.  I started doing these meeting during weekends.  We decided that all family members will meet, sit and discuss the issues happened during last week at school (with my sons, Soban, age 7, Class Y3 and Salman age 5 Class YR) at home (of course with my wife) and at work. We also plan to discuss the next week plans and the behavior required during the week.

We start our meetings with Quranic verses.  Initially these meetings are without agenda and minutes of the meeting.  But we developed a “Family book” where we mention all the important topics discussed during the meeting.

There are some follow-up meetings during the day which we normally conducted before the kids go to sleep but these are not the replacement of the main “Family meetings”.  So far the results are quite constructive (Alhamdullilah) and kids are enjoying and freely discussing their problems in “Family meetings”


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