I am not a loser……..

“Am I a loser? YES I am the biggest loser ever”, he said to me with a  hopeless voice and dejection in his eyes. He was almost a 27 years old chap sitting in front of me , in his whitish yellow clothes. I looked at his face and he considered that a signal to speak.  […]

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Life must move on

Life must move on…it shouldn’t be stop..We should look for future.. In every life set back we heard these sentences. People asked us to forget whatever happened to us and look for something new. Our friends, colleagues and relatives try their best to show us the new angle of life. It always happens. But mostly, […]

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Success Log

We normally don’t want to keep the log of our success history. We always consider our small successes as for granted and never consider it as an achievement. For example getting driving licence, qualified in an interview and got first job or even our first pay check. In fact we must keep the log of […]

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